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Dac, please don’t eat the crayons…


A good friend of mine was boasting the other day about her daughter who happens to be the same age as mine. She is getting her Master’s Degree. I am so happy for her daughter.

Such an accomplishment!

I have championed her daughter’s many milestones as she rocketed past my own daughter in development over the years.


My daughter at 27 is mentally a two year old and, as you know, a toddler will put anything into their mouths. Also because Dac is Autistic (not to be confused with Artistic) she likes to feel and taste different textures.

This has made parenting quite challenging as I have had to retrieve lots of inedible objects from inside Dac’s mouth.


The next thing I know I blurt out the words.

“Well, Dac ate a box of crayons and now she’s pooping a rainbow of colors.”

For a moment my friend looks shocked as she processes the idea.


It was only a half truth. Dac had ingested part the tip of a crayon the day before. Paper and all. I had only imagined it coloring her poop fuchsia.In my world that consists of broken blinds, poop stains and watching other people’s children chug along in life while mine seems locked in time.

I have earned the right to be sarcastic.


Humor and sarcasm are my best friend’s these days. I rely on them heavily sort of like an armor against the insensitivities and blatant rudeness of people who might be well meaning but are clueless to the rigors of day to day life as a special need’s parent.

To rid the concerned look from my friend’s face, I burst out laughing. I laughed till tears sprang to my eyes. Laughter takes the sting out.


My friend starts to chuckle.

Soon her peals of laughter join mine. After we gain control she looks over her coffee cup at me.

“What has Dac been up to lately?” she asks.

Good friend’s are like that. 🙂


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