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I never wanted kids. I was too free-spirited, too independent, and too selfish to even imagine being a mom! I had these crazy judgments and opinions about bringing these little beings into an already populated planet and I didn’t want to do it. End of story… or so I thought.

God had different plans for me. He had different lessons for me to learn because I ended up newly married and pregnant! 10 months later, I had my precious little boy.

Was I ever in for the surprise of my life! It was an instant change. Suddenly my life felt happy. I felt fulfillment. I felt like this universal secret had been revealed to me. Becoming a mother opened up something within me.  I never thought I was capable to love so deeply.

When I see through my child’s eyes, I see the world as a playground of possibilities! When I watch him, I can see so much more in myself and what I thought capable. His very nature has inspired me to reach farther and to be more. This little light that is my son, has inspired me to see everyone and everything with love and open-mindedness… even myself.

There is something so special about children and their very existence that takes us closer to God. I am not sure I would have ever really understood if I had never had kids. I now see through different eyes. I see a world full of color and possibility when before I saw the world in black and white!  I finally understand the invaluable gift of children.

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