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The Disney Trip that Never Was

Friday, February 24, 2006

12:30 PM

We picked up (four-year-old) Kayla early from Solel preschool. Gabe jokingly mentioned to Hailey’s mom that he hopes we don’t hear through the hotel walls.

3:00 PM

During the car ride Kayla keeps wiggling in her car seat. Too much antibiotics? We stop at Publix and get her yogurt.

5:00 PM

We checked into hotel. “Ramada” now turned into “Reedy Creek Inn.” We’re not thrilled, being on the first of two floors, right in front of parking lot. The room leaves much to be desired.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

12:30 AM

Kayla starts screaming and crying with a terrible earache. Thank God I brought the ear drops for pain, but it took a long while to kick in. She had her first ever earache on December 9, only for one hour until she went on antibiotics from the doctor.

Loud crying, wouldn’t stop! Rrrrrring! Rrrrrring! Hotel clerk says he got two complaints. He’s very empathetic. Says he’s had bad earaches, and you must go to E.N.T. to pinpoint the problem. Suggests going to the emergency room.

9:00 AM

No Disney World today, we better go home. I said, “Let’s do Downtown Disney at least.” Gabe says, “We’ll play it by ear.” No pun intended. Kayla’s feeling great, playing in hotel room, and says “I dare not go to Disney World!”

10:00 AM

Lynda checks out of hotel (Room #1055), a day earlier than planned, while Gabe and Kayla wait in the car. The man in front of her says to the hotel clerk that he wants some kind of compensation. Says he was in Room #1054 and the baby in #1055 was crying all night! Lynda just listens, laughing to herself.

He says to the clerk, “I just want to know, will the people in #1055 be there again tonight?!” Lynda interrupts and says, “They won’t be there tonight.” He says, “How do you know that, did you hear it too?!” “Yeah… It was us, I’m really sorry.”

I explained about the earache, and we’re missing going to Disney World. He said he missed a business breakfast. I said, “It was around 1 AM, right?” He said, “No, it was from 12:30 to 2 AM, the crying went on and on!” I apologized again. The hotel clerk said they’d give him money off his hotel rate and free breakfasts.

So, we were worried about the thin walls and as it turned out, we were the culprits!

You’ve got to love those memories!!

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