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So Now You’re 62

Some changes come after years of struggling. Honestly, I enjoy food. I have tried weight watchers, nutrisystem, and read and tried most recommended diet books.

As a youngster, I was thin, eating basically my German grandmother’s meals. I hated sauerkraut and still do at sixty-three. I lived outdoors at the park all of summer break. Running, climbing, swinging, I was very active.

At thirteen, I was introduced to skating by my much older brother. I started taking classes and eventually worked at Red’s Roller Rink. I met a dance partner and skated in Wisconsin, Illinois competitions until my second daughter was born at twenty-four. As you guessed, still very active, not so great eating habits, but not a problem yet.

Besides skating, I went to school and earned a degree in Court and Conference reporting, got married, had my first daughter. As a court reporter, I sat most of the day in a courtroom. Not being physically active, the pounds crept on. Grabbing fast food at lunch didn’t help. Starting Jazzercise was my fix-it idea, although working full time and raising two girls, I could only fit in Saturday mornings. My daughters liked biking so we would do that, also. Back down to normal weight for me.

Ten years go by, my son is born. Now, I was raising two teenagers and a baby working full time. My mother became ill with terminal cancer and my stress level was sky high. I turned to food for comfort. My mom passed on, I went through a divorce, and those bakery desserts were so tasty! The pounds added up.

At my son’s wedding, I was at my highest weight. I was so embarrassed looking for a dress that would cover up my body and my junk food habit. I found a loose fitting dress with a jacket and smiled for the photos.

My second husband died. I moved to Milwaukee to be near my adult children and crafted a new life. I had girlfriends, writing, scrabble club and, of course, food.

At sixty-three, I met Gary playing Wii bowling at a Senior Center. He asked me out to eat, I went, and a year later we are still together, but wait for it, I am now half my weight, no longer obese, and fit into women size 16 – a far cry from 287 pounds.

What happened?

Yes, a special guy came into my life, but he also has type 2 diabetes. Watching him take insulin, tracking his sugar, and giving himself injections, my doctor’s warning screamed in my ear. You are pre-diabetic, loose weight, exercise or meta forum is in your near future.

Gary, by the way, was trying hard to eat well for his current health. Together, our meals were now healthier and I started eating half of whatever I ordered in restaurants and taking the rest home. With his companionship and encouragement, although he said my weight was never an issue, I feel better, walk better, look better. Having only been weighed at my doctor’s office about a year ago at 287, and wearing plus size triple x, I now wear size sixteen, and honestly never weighed myself once in this interim. I probably will be weighed at my next physical next month.

Since I made lifestyle changes when it comes to eating, I feel I will maintain this current weight or even loose more.

Never give up trying, you just don’t know what makes it click in your brain – eating less and healthier is the way to succeed.


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