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Pink Feathers

God’s Graces…


My beautiful daughter. (Pause) Truly a gem. Heart of gold… ambitious… independent… positive… hard worker… ray of sunshine…

But when it comes to her room????




Food, drinks, forks, empty plates, shoes, and no matter how many laundry baskets, bins or dresser draws she has, there is still clothes everywhere!


I have tried on many occasions to just shut the door and not pay attention, but it is my house and I really don’t want bugs and pests running around! I can’t tell you how many times I have broken down to straighten it up… but this past week I did not and because I chose to stay out of the way (it is a struggle!) God showed up.


Here’s the Scenario:

The girl got up late for work. Clothes spewed everywhere so of course she could not find her work shirt, shoes, pants, etc. I stayed in the living room with the dogs, clear of all the yelling and madness spewing from her sweet mouth as she searched frantically for her work clothes and then as she rushed to the bathroom to shower and get ready it happened…
She tripped over her purse that was plopped right in front of her doorway and skinned her knee.
I got up and walked over to help her – promising to keep my lips shut and not say a word. As she stood up she looked at me and said,
“I know, Mommy. I promise, I’ll clean it up.”

Oh, for the love of God! My sweet angel has passed her first step to recovery – admitting and acknowledging there is a problem! Thank you, Jesus!


Now for step 2 – acting upon that knowledge.



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