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Pink Feathers


Oh, the feeling of discomfort

When your pantyhose roll down . . .!

They start to slip and crawl and slide . . .

All you can do is frown.

You stand up very, very straight,

And you never dare to sneeze

‘cause those slippin’, slidin’ pantyhose

Will crawl down to your knees!

You can tug a bit and shuffle

And do a little dance,

But nothing really helps your case—

Your life is left to chance.

It had to be a fellow

Who invented pantyhose

He’s raking in a fortune—

I’d like to wring his nose!


Courtesy – Ellen Hajek


Ellen Hajek is a teacher and a writer. Her interest in writing began early; she was writing short articles for publication when she was twelve years old. Later, she did grant writing and wrote educational materials for various publishers.


Ellen’s philosophy has always been that “Learning should be fun!” and she continues to develop entertaining materials for children and adults. Among her current writing credits is her latest book—Elinka’s World—a collection of verses that explore the experiences of childhood.

In her free time, Ellen goes for walks with her beloved dog, Sadie. She also volunteers with The Learning Source, a nonprofit organization for adults working toward high school accreditation.

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