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Pink Feathers

Just for Today


DacsMommy, Special Needs

  1. I will remember that i am more than “just” a special needs Mother.

  2. I will appreciate the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.

  3. I will do something just for myself and not feel guilty.

  4. I will forgive the person that stared rudely at my child.

  5. I will not worry about the future and things i can not control.

  6. I will take my anger and redirect it into something positive.

me 3
  1. I will not be discouraged or emotional.

  2. I will eat ice cream straight out of the carton.

  3. I will laugh instead of cry.

  4. I will count my blessings and look forward to tomorrow.


Just for today.


By: The Beautiful Lisa “DacsMommy” Cummings



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