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What ” we” as special needs parents really need.

We can so all use these words of wisdom….

  1. We Need you to accept our children unconditionally.

  2. We Need friends that we can count on even when the times get tough.

  3. We Need a listening ear.

  4. We Need a good laugh over a shared glass of wine.

  5. We Need our children to feel included.

  6. We Need you to stop bullying, mocking or ridiculing our children.

  7. We Need rest. A short nap just to revive our energy.

  8. We Need a break from my child every now and then and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty.

  9. We Need advice but not judgment.

  10. We Need to cry every now and then.

  11. We Need to breathe.

  12. We Need you to share in the Hope that we have for our child.

  13. We need you to cut us some slack.

  14. We do not need criticism.

  15. We need to mourn the loss of dreams.

  16. We need to find new ones.

  17. We need to keep hope on…

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