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My Sisterhood of Friends

First let me say this is no way to impugn what our TS dads do. They are awesome. The Father’s of TS children (many single parent’s) do everything we Mother’s do and they do it well.

Today, however, i want to talk about my “sisterhood” of friends that i have met through Facebook. Mother’s like me, of children with Tuberous Sclerosis. How did i survive this before you?

I am a more seasoned Mommy, 26 years in the trenches, but i am still learning as well. Many come to me for advice and i recognize the hope mingled with fear. I have been there. I am still there. Though Dac is severely affected and will never live independently, she is still progressing (functioning at a two year old level) so at times i feel like i am a permanent (new mommy) who can still share years of experience.



This makes me unique just like my Dac…

The camaraderie we share keeps me going. So glad to have so many sisters.



My sisterhood of friends Thank god for you. Your pearls of wisdom Help carry me throughMy sisterhood of friends When the pain starts anew Though we can not physically touch I still feel you.My sisterhood of friends My reasons to smile Your warm reassurances, stretch across the milesMy sisterhood of friends Do you know what it means To be able to share my hopes and my dreams?My sisterhood of friends. You pick me up when i fall You say “Keep going.” “Even if you must crawl.”My sisterhood of friends We are in this together. Friends new and old. Sisters to treasure.

By: Lisa “DacsMommy” Cummings


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