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Kid Stuff for Bored Children

Sugar, Spice and Spilled Milk


Kids can get so bored indoors during the winter. A nice snow may generate a sledding outing, but when fingers and toes begin to freeze it’s time to come inside.


So many youngsters have electronic devices to entertain themselves, and many kids want to play on those all the time. Of course, electronic devices are here to stay, and they can be a part of a child’s day.

But, after our schools were closed for two days, with no snow outside, just dangerous ice, I started thinking about all those kids cooped up inside. Caretakers can make the days inside easier and more enjoyable for everyone with a little planning.

Having a variety of books available for the kids is a good idea for any day, especially bleak winter ones. Board games and puzzles will never go out of style. Cooking and crafting activities are also some things to do on a bad weather day. Most children are interested in learning something new and are eager to get in the kitchen or try a craft. They’re fun, but it’s not a good idea to allow a child to entertain himself for hours on end that way.

I’ve made a list of some of my posts with activities kids might enjoy doing when they’re stuck indoors. Younger children can “help”a grown-up, while older children may be able to do many of these with some supervision from an adult.

Put these in your bag of tricks and pull one out when a child complains of boredom.


1. Let them be creative Best Ever Play Dough


2. Cooking is always fun  Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents





6. Kids love to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies


By: Anita ‘Recipe/Craft Queen’ Stafford


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