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The Legend of Sassafras House

Just in time for Halloween, The Legend of Sassafras House is out! Written by our wonderful guest blogger, Anita Stafford, who blesses us with the best recipes, Anita has whipped up a tale to entertain you… Here’s the synopsis:


Twelve-year-old Kale Flores knows life is not fair. He needs a friend, but more than that, he needs money. When he learns there could be a fortune hidden in the Sassafras house, he thinks his luck may have changed. Never mind the house is supposed to be haunted. When Jasmine Palmer revealed the legend of Sassafras house to Kale, she never thought it could lead to so much trouble. She says it’s a place someone could go into and never come out. Is she right? The only thing Kale is sure of is that his problems will be solved if he finds the money. He doesn’t know the deserted house holds secrets from the past, secrets that are waiting to tangle him in a dangerous web. . .



This is Anita’s first children’s novel. Get your copy here. 

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