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Pink Feathers

Memories of Irma


The structure is a cartoon. Beams burst out like watch springs, floors flay like toothpicks, joists now sticks cannot hold a load, or be re-constructed back into that intricate attic cathedral.

Even cross beams and braces that once had the elegance of a mantis now resemble scrambled eggs, the skeletal remains of Irma’s destruction

Like sailors venerating the safety of their ship, my family’s achievements were deferentially displayed in the cocooned walls of our home.

No longer do I wake to that cool blue room, treadmill just so, pocket door ajar and enter a walkway leading to an oversized bathroom.

Much went into that renovated house where countless paychecks and sweat equity made my little utopia fit like-a-tee.

All that’s left is rubbish and a blank sheet of paper.

writers-block 2.jpg

We have had this gem for quite some time and it really does depict the catastrophe we experienced here at ScreaminMamas due to Irma. We are finally getting out of the rubble and starting to breathe again – all it takes is imagination, determination and a blank sheet of paper to get moving again.. Thank you, Marc! Sorry it took so long.


Marc’s poems have appeared in Straylight Magazine, Poet’s Espresso Review, Stray Branch Magazine, Old Red Kimono, Ship of Fools, Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly, Emerald Coast Review, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, The Sunday Poet, WestWard Quarterly, PKA’s Advocate, The Pink Chameleon,, and others. You can check out his work on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and read a wonderful article about Marc and his contributions HERE.

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