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My New Shower Curtain

Teenage Tales of Terror!


I used to love the fact that I have a large bathroom as big as a small bedroom…but now I’m not sure. It just invites too many kids inside when I am trying to shower. Last night not only were both the little ones playing in there, my 18 year old came barging in! The conversation went so…

Emily: “Mom, Mom!” Me: “Em, really? I’m in the shower.” Emily: “But mom, smell me, smell me..” (as she pulls open my shower door and fluffs her hair in my face) Me: “OK.” (I have no choice but to indulge her request)… “Yes, honey that smells nice, what is it?” Emily: “I’m not telling you.”

And then she walks out. WTH??????? You just can’t make this stuff up. Hopefully, my new shower curtain will help me get some kind of privacy.



By: Deanna “McCrazy” Wolverton


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Oct 31, 2023
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A must!


Oct 31, 2023
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