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Remember Carbon Paper?


Now I am using an IPad, instant messaging and facechat.  All this happened from 1971 to today. I guess I was fortunate to have a career that utilized computers and offered training to keep current.
I am very blessed to have three technology wizards for children.  The oldest actually gave me an IPad one Christmas not too long ago, set it up, and taught me the things I use most.
The middle daughter, a college professor, can assess and fix any glitches I run into.
The youngest son gives a whole new perspective to the world of gaming.

Many of us seniors have embraced it all not wanting to get left behind.  It has connected us to family all over the world, and given us many hours of pleasure;  kept our minds active and learning.
Yes, cursive is going the way of the electric typewriter, but technology has opened the floodgates of learning.


By: Patricia “Golden Girl” Lynne

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