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Teach Your Child to Be a Global Citizen

I have always believed that one of the best educational goals is to become a global citizen. If you can afford to travel then that is possibly the most fun way to learn about the world, but you can still become a global citizen by making a consistent effort to learn about different countries and their cultures right at home.

My daughter and I just returned from a trip to France. We took eight women on their first trip there. Two of them had never been out of the country, so it was interesting to see them experience a different culture. They all agreed on the importance of opening up our worldview to expand beyond our environment. Here are a few reasons they mentioned.

Understanding a different style of life

Different cultures have different lifestyles and priorities. There is a different pace for the way things move. In the United States, we often eat quickly because we need to get back to work, or because we are off to our next activity. In France, food is meant to be savored and eaten slowly and enjoyed with family and friends. Life moves slightly slower there.

Breaking down stereotypes

When you travel you can dispel many of the stereotypes you may have heard and you can be an ambassador who proves that the stereotypes they have for us are wrong.

Sharing perspectives

Different cultures have different perspectives on subjects than we do. They are fascinated by what happens in our country; if you take the time to talk to people, you will find a different way to perceive things.

Learning about history, art, music, and literature

Bookstores, museums, artists centers, and street musicians offer interactive learning possibilities.

Enjoying the food from a culture

Food is considered an art form in France. Each region has a specialty that has ties to history. What a great way to learn about a country!

I wanted my children to understand that different cultures may see topics differently because of their culture. I wanted to sponsor understanding and communication in my children.


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