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A Parental Resume

A Parental Resume

Everyone will agree that parenting a child is a responsibility, but it can also be considered a job. When you become a parent, your life changes forever. To deal with all these changes, we have to adopt different skill sets. What we learn to do as parents would make an impressive resume. Here is what it might look like.

John Doe

Address: Somewhere in the U.S. Phone; 860–987–4532

Education: The school of life

Degree earned: A B.S. in parenting

Job experience: Parent of 4


  • I can negotiate with a toddler during a tantrum.

  • I can still function and be productive with only several hours of sleep.

  • I have the power to detect a poopy diaper at ten feet, and I am not afraid to inspect closer for confirmation.

  • I am willing to travel…. anywhere.

  • I can wake up at the slightest sound and be alert and ready in seconds.

  • I can put together a meal with whatever is in the refrigerator.

  • I can multitask because it is essential for a parent’s survival.

  • I can still care for 4 children while I have the flu.

  • I appreciate the arts. (4th grade theater especially)

  • I can set boundaries.

  • I can teach P.E.

  • I know the power of distraction, and I am not afraid to use it.

  • I know the importance of filtering the many pieces of parental advice I will receive.

  • I can let a few things go to focus on a task.

  • I keep my goals simple like surviving with my sanity.

  • I believe in giving grace.

  • I do not need to feel in control since my life is usually chaotic.

The next time you question your ability as a parent, think of all the skills you have developed as you care for your children. You have honed critical life skills. You rock!


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