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Pink Feathers

Confessions of an Ex-Dieter

Overweight has been my fate

From years ago until of late.

I thought I had the devil whipped,

But then I saw I was unzipped.

I walked for miles; I raised my head—

“Food hath no hold on me,” I said.

I checked the scales . . . They tell no lies—

Two pounds I’d shaken off my thighs!

Such victory I’d celebrate. . .

But in my glee, I overate.



Courtesy Ellen Hajek

Ellen Hajek is a teacher and a writer. Her interest in writing began early; she was writing short articles for publication when she was twelve years old. Later, she did grant writing and wrote educational materials for various publishers.

Ellen’s philosophy has always been that “Learning should be fun!” and she continues to develop entertaining materials for children and adults. Among her current writing credits is her latest book—Elinka’s World—a collection of verses that explore the experiences of childhood.

In her free time, Ellen goes for walks with her beloved dog, Sadie. She also volunteers with The Learning Source, a nonprofit organization for adults working toward high school accreditation.


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