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Pink Feathers




I see a homeless man in a coffee shop. With his head down and an angry look, he asks the barista for a cup of water. The barista smiles, and willingly helps him. He grabs his cup and storms out.



A girl enters as the homeless man is leaving and she has the smile of an angel. Her eyes glimmer with happiness. She has no legs and is enslaved to her wheelchair. With the wheelchair, I can see that she has suffered a lot in her life. However, by the smile and glimmer in her eyes, she has also learned a lot about gratefulness. She has chosen to see the world as a good place to be.

She could have easily and explainably lived the rest of her life, like the homeless man, in a sad and victimized state, but she has risen above it.


By watching these two individuals, I see that everyone is given a choice every day. We can either choose to see the abundance in our lives, or we can choose to see the latter. If we choose to see the abundance in our lives, we live in a constant state of gratefulness because there is always something to be grateful for. But, it’s also easy to fall into the mindset of never having enough, always wanting or needing more.

It’s what area we choose to feed that matters.



By: Amy “Aloha” Neal

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