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Pink Feathers

A January Wreath

When it’s time to take the Christmas wreath off the front door I always feel a bit let down, and I can’t help but imagine the poor door shivering naked in the cold winter air.

I know the stores immediately restocked all the Christmas shelves with new goodies in anticipation of that sweetheart of a February holiday, but it’s still too early to hang a Valentine wreath on my door. It’s also too early for springtime florals, even though I’d love to see something in bloom.

This simple wreath in icy tones will keep my front door from being bare during the cold weeks of January.

dscn7787-004 1

I used a 24-inch grapevine wreath, 7 packages of bead and sequin stems, and 1 package (5.5 inches x 10 yards) deco mesh ribbon. I chose blue, purple, green, and pink in the bead and sequin stems. Yellow was also available, but it didn’t appeal to me as a winter color. I seem to recall some long ago advice regarding the avoidance of yellow snow. Additional supplies used were floral wire, wire cutters, and hot glue.

dscn7784-003 2

Does this wreath say January to anyone else? I think the grapevine wreath looks like the barren winter trees, and the shiny sparkles of the beads and sequins reminds me of the colors that reflect when the winter sun shines on the snow. The big blue bow finishes off the icy cold look.

dscn7788-004 3

Courtesy the sensational Anita Stafford. Please follow her at AuntNubbysKitchen.


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